The Port Washington Financial Literacy Project (PWFLP) provides students with resources focused on financial literacy and economic education.  It is paramount that students are provided with the tools necessary to manage their financial stability and opportunities, and the PWFLP strives to be a simple, comprehensive resource for students.  

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Our Challenge


of millennials do not have a basic understanding of how to manage their money.


National Endowment for Financial Education, (2016)


is the average student debt held by a college graduate.

Student Loan Hero



of millenials are overdrawing on their checking accounts.




of students nationwide are required to take a personal finance course to graduate from high school. 

Next Gen Personal Finance


Our Community

Port Washington is home to one of the most diverse communities on Long Island.  The lack of financial literacy courses and workshops for the 5,380 students in its school district resembles neighboring districts, as well as the country at large.  The problem is compounded in Port Washington, as its foreign-born population comprises 18.5% of the town, with its village of Manorhaven featuring a significant 34.8% foreign-born population. 


Our Solution

The PWFLP provides resources for students of all age groups, including early adolescence, teenagers, and young adults.  The PWFLP has compiled a list of materials and tools designed to improve financial literacy skills, as well as financial considerations in college enrollment, which can be found on the website.  The PWFLP also tailors resources for Hispanic students, as it recognizes the demand of ‘English as a Second Language’ (ESL) students for financial literacy resources. 



The PWFLP is building a network of college mentors who can bolster the PWFLP's offerings to high school students.  Not only are mentors prepared to answer questions about financial considerations for college, but they offer mentees free college application advice.  


The PWFLP is connecting with school administrators, federal agencies, and community organizations to support financial literacy.  


Our Partners

Our Team

Morgan Bloch

Co-Founder, President

Morgan Bloch is a Master's Candidate at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, where she is enrolled in the Urban Teaching Apprenticeship program and is a Merit Scholar.  Morgan is also enrolled in Harvard University's Certification in School Management & Leadership Program.  


Morgan earned a Bachelor of Science with Distinction from Cornell University, where she majored in Human Development and earned five minors in Education, Psychology, Inequality Studies, Geriatrics, and Law and Society.  Morgan currently serves as a Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador.

Morgan's teaching experience includes serving as a Student Teacher in George. W. Nebinger Elementary School (Philadelphia, PA).  Morgan also served as a Group Leader for a literacy project jointly organized by the Free Library of Philadelphia and UPenn's Urban Teaching Apprenticeship Program.  While at Cornell, Morgan served as a Teaching Assistant in Belle Sherman Elementary School (Ithaca, NY).  Morgan was also selected by Professor Bryan Duff to serve as one of two 'Think Tank' leaders in Groton Elementary School (Groton, NY).  Morgan was a Teaching Assistant for Professor Annalisa Raymer (Education 2200: Adult Education) and Professor Jeffrey Perry (Education 2410: The Art of Teaching).  In addition, Morgan served as an ESL Tutor for Cornell's Community Learning and Service Partnership (CLASP) and a Mentor for the Best Buddies organization.

Morgan's research experience includes serving as a Research Assistant for Professor Jane Mendle in Cornell University's Adolescent Transitions Laboratory.  In February 2020, Morgan co-published a paper with Siying Li, "The Power of Default Options," which was featured by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP).  In Spring 2019, Morgan designed a workshop for 60 inmates at the Cayuga Correctional Facility as part of an employment rights project for the Cornell Prison Education Program / School of Continuing Education. 

Morgan's professional experience includes serving as a Summer Fellow at Weill Cornell Medicine (Division of Pediatric Neurology) and a Research Intern for (Teacher Salary Project).

With regard to advocacy, Morgan is especially interested in how public and private organizations can collaboratively improve student achievement.


If you are an organization interested in partnering with the PWFLP, please feel free to contact Morgan at  

Eden Bloch

Co-Founder, Director

Eden Bloch is a sophomore at Williams College.    


Eden’s interest in personal finance was sparked when her siblings started the college application process.  Since then, she has explored many areas of personal finance, especially as she embarks on her own college journey.    


Outside of the PWFLP, Eden’s interests include history, Latin, design, and photography.


If you are interested in joining our cause as a volunteer or in another capacity, please feel free to contact Eden at

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"Today, higher education is not a luxury - it is a necessity in ensuring equality of opportunity.  When the cost of that opportunity is rising faster than ever before, we must ensure that the intensity of our efforts is greater than ever before.  Opportunity should not be based on what zip code we come from, what language we speak, what income we earn, or what color we look like - it should be based on the sweat of our brow and scope of our dreams.  The PWFLP is our way of ensuring that."


~Eden Bloch, Town of North Hempstead Proclamation Ceremony (1.29.2019)

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