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The Port Washington Financial Literacy Project is committed to connecting with school administrators, federal agencies, and community organizations to support financial literacy.





"We are happy to share the Port Washington Financial Literacy Project website with our teachers and students to use as a resource."  

With an enrollment of 347,366 students, Broward County Public Schools is the 7th largest school district in the United States.  The PWFLP is proud to have received letters from multiple students in Broward County Schools who use 'College Center' resources offered by the PWFLP.  



Robert W. Runcie

Superintendent, Broward Schools


Louise Ball, Ed. D.

Social Studies Curriculum Supervisor, Broward Schools


The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) is the federal government agency that establishes policy for, administers, and coordinates most federal assistance to education.  


The PWFLP is proud to be maintaining correspondence with the US. Department of Education and its Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, which annually serves nearly 18,200 school districts and over 50 million students attending roughly 98,000 public schools and 32,000 private schools.  The Executive Office has recommended efforts on how the PWFLP can best position itself with state and local education officials.  In addition, the Executive Office is assisting the PWFLP with ways that the National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance's 'What Works Clearinghouse' (WWC), which is used by educators, policymakers, researchers, and the public, can be bolstered through the PWFLP's success in its 'College Center' guide.  


One of the largest programs in Nassau County, NY, the ESOL Program (English for Speakers of Other Languages) of the Port Washington Public Library provides resources for non-native English speakers.  The program screens students with the New York State Place Test to place students into one of the approximately forty-five classes, which include literacy, writing, and pronunciation.  The program also offers citizenship preparatory programming and the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC), previously known as GED preparatory classes.  

The PWFLP is proud to have received letters from multiple students in Nassau County and other counties who are either non-native English speakers or have grown up in non-English households.  Recognizing the tremendous demand for college financial resources in Spanish, with the assistance of fluent Spanish volunteers, the PWFLP has translated the 'College Center' guide into Spanish ('Centro Universitario').  

The PWFLP is grateful for its partnership with the Port Washington Public Library and its ESOL Program, which publicize the PWFLP's 'Centro Universitario' resources to the community.    

Peggy O'Hanlon

ESOL Coordinator, Port Washington Public Library

"[The Port Washington Financial Literacy Project's] website is very impressive and I think the whole concept of [the PWFLP's] program is well-needed."


With an enrollment of 5,380 students, Port Washington Union Free School District offers some of the most diverse programming within Nassau County, NY.  Port Washington Schools supports a BOCES program that serves Port Washington, Manhasset, Roslyn, Herricks, and Wheatley School Districts, 'Adult and Continuing Education' services, and an 'English as a New Language' program. 


The PWFLP is proud to have created an annual scholarship in Port Washington Schools.  The scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior.  Please contact the Schreiber Guidance Office for further details.


Click here to find the application.  Or, fill out our 'Contact Us' page, and we will notify you when the next one comes live!  



[L-R] Morgan Bloch, Emily (2019 PW Schools scholarship winner),               Eden Bloch


[L-R] Priya (2020 PW Schools scholarship winner), Morgan Bloch,               Eden Bloch


[L-R] Ashley (2021 PW Schools scholarship winner), Morgan Bloch,             Eden Bloch

CFPB photo.png

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulates the offering and provision of consumer financial products or services under the federal consumer financial laws and educates and empowers consumers to make better informed financial decisions.  


The PWFLP is proud to have received praise from staff at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 


"This is exactly the kind of activity we like to see happening at the grass-roots level."

Outreach Professional, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


The Town of North Hempstead serves almost 240,000 constituents.  The administration consists of a seven-member board including the Supervisor and six council members, as well as the Town Clerk and the Receiver of Taxes. 


The PWFLP is proud to have earned a Proclamation from the Town of North Hempstead which recognizes the organization's work for the community.   


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Press Release


"Through [its] dedication to financial literacy and contribtuions to the community, the [PWFLP] has displayed its leadership and commitment to improving the quality of life for others."

Judi Bosworth

Supervisor, Town of North Hempstead


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